I am a freelance ASCAP composer, a music composer for hire. Listen for free or download mp3s, scores and parts, or license any of my music.  I am available to write music for any kind of group (symphony orchestra, chamber ensemble, concert band, pit orchestra, big band, 1920s orchestra, vocal, rock band, country, ethnic, etc.). I can write music to your specifications, work as an orchestrator, or to be commissioned to write a full symphony, a concerto, a simple song, or any kind of work. I would be interested in scoring a film, TV show, musical, movie trailer, wedding video or a YouTube video. I also have the software to synchronize the music to the video. I will write an arrangement of your song or put music to your lyrics, or write a song based on ideas or concepts of yours. Instead of an hourly rate (as most freelance composers charge), I will give you a flat fee up front. If it takes me longer than anticipated, that would be my loss. If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact me by email at: mhenebry@aol.com

You can listen for free on the “Listen” page. There, you can also download mp3s and/or the scores and parts for any of my music. 

If you want to use the audio of the any of music on this web site for any reason other than for personal listening, e.g., a YouTube video, a documentary, television, for advertising, a web site, a corporate CD/DVD, a school project, a video game, etc., please contact me at: mhenebry@aol.com. Let me know what piece you might be interested in, a little about the project, and I will give you a very reasonable price to license the music.